Puppy School

Rose’s Veterinary Practice

    PUPPY SCHOOL!         

Socialising is the most important tool a puppy needs to learn.


As well as helping your puppy to become a happy, confident dog, puppy school will give you:

>The skills to teach your puppy tricks

> The understanding of why your puppy does some really weird and (annoying!) behaviours

>The tools to help your puppy become a well behaved family member who is a joy (rather than a drama) to own



   Remember! Puppies do not automatically become well behaved dogs.  Like children they require socialising, teaching and patience!


Puppy school is held over 4 weeks with a total of 5 sessions

         Classes are taken by an Australian Pet Dog Trainer member

         Delta training methods (with positive reinforcement) are used

          Each class is approximately an hour long

          Pre-class notes given before each class contain all the information taught

         Puppies must have had their first vaccination    


    For further information call or visit Rose’s Veterinary Practice

149 Pakenham St. Echuca

ph: 54 806 366